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New Album=Logan Drive 

The new album is well under way. Most of the basic tracks have been recorded. It will be called "Logan Drive". I'm really looking forward to getting this out and I'm super thankful for everyone involved this time around.

"LOCAL" the new album 

The new album "LOCAL" is out and doing well. It's received a few nice reviews and the feedback has been great. I'm always so thankful for the people that come out to my shows and buy my albums or just stop by here for a quick listen. I want to thank all of you for that. Hope everyone has an extraordinary day :)

Recording finished 

the recording of the new album is finished. there is still some mixing to be done. its called "LOCAL" and its far different than anything ive ever done. its safe to say its hillbilly music. acoustic guitars and banjos and dobros and all that good stuff. there will be physical CDs for this album and of course it will be on iTunes and all the other digital stores. the first song being released is called "Notes To No One". its should be playing right now...lovely :)
the new 2017 album "Logan Drive" is now available on iTunes!!!

the new 2017 album "Logan Drive" is now available on iTunes!!!

The album "Local" is up on iTunes

The album "Local" is up on iTunes

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