MoeDeLL is a prolific Americana songwriter. His guitar, creative lyrics, and unique voice are the foundation. His foot stomping down home melodies and rolling rhythms tell tales from light to dark and from silliness to the endearing.


       MoeDeLL, a Virginia native, was influenced by many genres of music growing up. You could hear old country playing around the house, and at a young age he was introduced to bluegrass and the pickers at the local farmer's market. Rock music pressed into the mix and took him on an adventure through many garage bands. His band Monkey In A Mansuit released a funk/rock album in 2002 and received a decent amount of local radio play. In 2004, he released his first solo EP, moved to Minnesota, and was signed to an independent record label. Aquarium Records released MoeDeLL's 2006 album "Out There" and "Kairos" in 2010. He also self released "The Inevitable" EP in 2010. Leaving the record label and being away from home for a decade, old country and bluegrass was resurfacing in his playing. "The songwriting flows more effortless and feels so alive and honest". With a nod to the Avett Brothers and early Johnny Cash, MoeDeLL's 2016 release, "Local", sounds like a trip down memory lane with its acoustic guitar and steady train beats. Songs about finding love, losing love, and home fill the 9 song album.  "It's basically stories of my family and memories growing up". The 2017 release "LOGAN DRIVE" is basically a part 2 to the "LOCAL" album. 2018's "5" record is stripped down singer/songwriter stretching his artistic boundaries lyrically. 


       MoeDeLL's spirited live performances are one of his strong points. Playing over 200 shows a year, you can find him solo or with various musicians playing venues of all sizes around the country. He has opened for such diverse acts as Antigone Rising, Better Than Ezra, Cheap Trick, Bret Michaels from Poison, and Christopher Thorn and Travis Warren from Blind Melon.