Sooner Than Soon

The new record is sounding real good!!! There should be a single out very soon so stay tuned. I hope y'all are having a great 2019 



So far so good. All the demos for the new album have been recorded.


A New Season

There's been a lot of things going on lately, which usually means inspiration whether bad or good. Sunny days, gray days, love found, life loss. Change is always inevitable and can be extremely hard and also very welcome. Sometimes when…

Myrt & Hog

Working on songs for the new album. As of now the title is The Adventures Of Myrt & Hog"


The next album?

Started writing and recording tracks for the next album. Looking to have another one out soon. Maybe an EP?

Proud Father

I just wanted to say I'm super proud of my band. Last weekend we must have hit the magic sweet spot. Every song every note every beat was right on the money. Thank you guys for being that good. I'm…


Willie Nelson, On The Road Again

The day was June 7, 2017 

    It was a long windy journey. The passing landscape was minimal but scenic. I had never been to Nebraska. We had made it. Sunburned and pretzeled, I got out of the small convertible…