From the recording Logan Drive


I was born just a curly haired thing
Grandma slicked it down with that Valvoline
Got Mama’s engine racing red there’s gonna be a fight
But then Grandaddy shaved it down when she left that night
She didn’t even recognize her only son

Green machine pulled up bumper to my knees
He laid on that ooga horn man and scared the daylights outta me
So he jumped out and picked up the Winnebago
Gonna change them rusty tires man so we can truck it on down the road
Hauling tail down them country roads take me home

Hey hey now this ain’t no tall tale or fish story
Ain’t the that got away
It ain’t no John Henry
What can I say it’s just a day in the family

Nanny smacking doo-wop on her knee
She screamed Hallelujah when she tickled them ivories
She blew the harp so hard she made a hurricane story
And when we woke up Sunday morning Willoughby Spit was born
Legend says that she made the Ocean View

Mama passed out in the Chesapeake Bay
When her curly haired boy tried to swim away
I sunk down to the bottom of that big blue space
But then Jesus came and saved me but I never did see his face
Amen, God Bless, and oh yes thank you Lord

We all jammed into that black Mach 1
Cigarette Lady and Wonder Woman
Uncle Joe pounding on them blue suede drums
And Billy Harry getting down on that transmission
Folks said they saw the lightening flash headed for the sun