1. John Wayne

From the recording Logan Drive


Rolled over and hit the snoozer
I couldn’t get up I guess I’m a loser
It’s Groundhog Day all over again
But when my feet finally hit the floor
Well I hauled tail right out the door
Only to catch every red light
Late for work so I got fired
But that’s ok man cuz I’ll retire
Any day my ship will come sailing in

I always wondered what it would be like
Steppin over the line
Stumbled across my piece of mind
Well I’m doing alright

So I had a bad day again
Then I took another shot of Jameson
And said Lord! Everything’s starting to look alright
I told the bartender one more round
But I took it too far and that took me down
Man that’s the story of my life
Woke up head banging hard
And I realized that all my money was gone
You know I gotta get myself some kind of plan

I’m alright
We turned around again
I’m alright
Then I fell right in

Married this girl we had a kid
And I wonder what the hell I just did
Cuz that honeydo list became 20 miles long
We got problems like everyone else
Money, bills, sometimes we yell
But at the end of the day man it’s all about the love
Well everything worked out fine
Me, my kid, and my beautiful wife
I’m gonna ride off in the sunset like John Wayne