1. Logan Drive

From the recording Logan Drive


I remember way back when
We danced around the garden with paper bags on our head in June
And ran around the table singing Elvis Presley tunes all night
Right down on Logan Drive

Crept out to old man Nagy’s house one day
I snuck around the corner his dog got in my face he tried to bite
So I ran right home and I prayed up to the sky all night
Right down on Logan Drive

Some were good
Some went mad
Some say that this too shall pass away
Such is life or so they say

Mr. Jones lived a couple houses down
When the wind blew right he was stanking up the town all night
Up and down Logan Drive
Mama busted in and saved the day
When ol’ crazy tried to drown me and take me away one time
Well they were cussing and fighting on Logan Drive

And if I ever lost my way
I listen for the words that ‘Ol Waylon sang that’s right
Take me home down to Logan Drive